[November 1-9 Activities]

CSSP Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

ACSOT was joined by its partners and some members who have won the CSSP grant for a 2 day workshop at Axum Hotel.  The purpose of the workshop was to go over CSSP’s Monitoring and Evaluation tools.

CSSP was represented by Beverly, Mohammed, Dr. Chekal, and Dr Mesrat.    They came to introduce four (4) things.  The first was their 7 guiding Principles, a inspiring collection that governs the projects of CSSP.  The 7 guiding principles are as follows;

  1. Putting most resources and efforts into hardest to reach women, girls, boys and men.
  2. Building on the strengths and assets of people.
  3. Building trust between people.
  4. Promoting creativity ad innovation.
  5. Promoting social equality in all we do.
  6. Promoting decision making at the most local levels possible
  7. Delivering the best value for resources for the poorest people.

The other things taught to the participants were three tools of Monitoring and Evaluation that CSSP would like to see reflected amongst those that have won the grants.  The first tools are the “the ladder of change” which serves as a planning mechanisms that allow those creating a project to distinguish not only the issues and steps to attain their dream, but also map out what can go wrong and what factors can influence the project both negatively and positively.  This method was very interesting and very simple.  The entire group agreed that it was highly useful and to be used at the beginning stages of project planning.

The second tool discussed was called the “Result Summary” which was a more summarized concept of the ladder of change.  It allowed the discoveries made during the ladder to be fine tuned and turned in to a comprehensive document.

The final tool introduced by CSSP was their evaluation method of the score card.  Each card is used in different areas to evaluate an organizations commitment to a certain area.  An example used was a score card to asses the commitment of an organization to reaching the hardest to reach Women, girl, boy, men.

Over all the workshop was a great success and ACSOT and partners would like to thank its facilitators CSSP for an informative two days.



ACSOT introduces CSSP to Community Care Coalition (CCC) Project in Wukro

ACSOT invited CSSP facilitators for a quick trip to Wukro so that they may witness the progress and work of the CCC’s in the area.  The group was treated to an explanation from the CCC’s of all their achievements and some of the problems they still have.

After the presentation from the CCC’s the group was taken to a meeting with the Mayor of Wukro as well as a coffee ceremony in the homes of one of the Women Development groups in the area.  During Coffee the women of the group described the hierarchy and structure of their group and discussed the progress of women’s issues on a grass roots level.  They reported many improvements in the fields of education for the young girls, birth control, prenatal care as well as domestic abuse.

Overall the trip was very informative and the women of the women’s groups were very inspiring.


About Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray

The Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray is a non-political, not for profit consortium that acts as an umbrella organization for all federaly registered Civil Societies in the region of Tigray in Ethiopia. It is a national participatory initiative that encourages local groups (however small) to empower not only themselves through collective experience sharing but to empower those in their communities to uplif themselves from the issues at hand. Each member organizations battles diverse societal issues that reach to all facets of local population. ACSOT represents Childrens groups, Health initiatives (Including HIV/AIDS based societies), Societies for the blind and differently abled, and many Mass-based societies like Women, Youth and Pofessional Associations. With such a broad and diverse network of people and topics, ACSOT strives to create a common forum for it’s members to bring about a common voice. We have all heard the popular saying “ United we stand but divided we shall fall.” This is something that applies to the core values of ACSOT. With a unified common voice even the smallest members can be heard. As an umbrealla Organization ACSOT is an essential arm to conduct lobbying and dialouge on subjects of societal importance. It’s mass base opens dialouge for its members with parties they would not normaly have access to if standing alone. Dialouge is the first step towards sustainable, societal development. ACSOT’s primary objectives are as follows: 1. Promote Participatory development in a coordinated and organized manner. 2. Enhance Technical capacity of member organizations through different training programs. 3.Service as a bridge among regional government, CSO’s and the People of Tigray. General Background of ACSOT The Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray was established in 2007 and has a total of 74 registered members, federally and regionally. ACSOT envisions strongly bonded vibrant CSOs’ networks, effecting good governance, democratization, improved livelihood, and green and friendly environment throughout the world. ACSOT Works with International Partner charities like TROCAIRE/CAFOD/SCIAF, European Commission (Civil Society Fund), UNAIDS as well as National and Regional groups like The Consortium of Christian Relif & Development Association (CCRDA), Relif Society of Tigray (REST), and Tigray HAPCO. Further, ACSOT wants to expand its working relation with other Regional and National charities and societies like NECSO-Oromia, Resource Centre - SNNPR, APDF - Afar, BGDAN - Benishangul–Gumuz. Legal and Loose ends ACSOT definition of Civil Society: The area of uncoerced collective action around shared interests, purposes and values. List of all Federally Registered Members who adhere to the “Charities & Societies Proclamation Number 621/2009” • Tigray Region Teacher’s Association • Partner for Development Association • Union Disability Association of Tigray • Ethiopian Society of Sociologist, Social Workers and Anthropologists • Ethiopia Siga Dewe Tetekiwoch Beherawi Mahiber • Organization for Social Services for AIDs • Family Umbrella Association • Save Generation Association Tigray • Human to Human AID Program • Vision in Action Social & Development Association • Daughters of Charity • The Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission • Human Being Association of Brotherhood • Tigray Development Association • United Evangelical Church Association • Children & Youth Welfare & Development Association • Ethiopian National Assocaition on Intellectual Disabilities • Welfare Association Arch Bishop Yohannes • Quality of Education for Sustainable Development Association • Relif Society of Tigray • Mums for Mums • Chora Abuguda Association • Operation Rescue Ethiopia • Champions of Change HIV positive Demobilized Fighters Association of Tigray • Lola Children’s Home for HIV Orphans • New Vision HIV Positive Association • Nesanet HIV ve Associaiton Tigray • Rese Debriteka Senior Citizens case support Assocaition • SOS Children Village Mekelle • Nur-Selam HIV positive Muslim Association of Tigray • Hdasea HIV positive Association Tigray • Ethiopian National Association of the Blind • Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development & Inter-Church Aid Commission • Progressive Ethiopian Women Development Associaton • African Service Committee • Bright African intergration NOTE: ACSOT is a transparent organization that promotes accountability and good goverenance not only in its ranks but amongst its members inclusivly. If anyone has further questions on ACSOT operations or how one can get involved please feel free to contact us. Address: Kahsa Building, 1st floor, Rooms 104& 105, Mekelle, Ethiopia. Contact: Ato Zemicael G/Medhin Executive Director ACSOT Tel: 034.440.03.53 Mobile: Email: acsot@ethionet.et
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